Abstract art of an HTML floating label
Abstract art of an HTML floating label
Made by moi, using a graphic art application on the iPad with a cheap stylus!

Let’s get straight into this. By now, we’ve all seen, used or built applications using Bootstrap or Material Design. Time and time again, I encourage developers to write vanilla CSS, but that doesn’t change the fact that these tools offer a consistent style, fast turn around times for prototyping and a low barrier to entry among rising developers.

However, I see a lot of people using them for building forms because they don’t like build forms and inputs. Forms are complex. They can become exceedingly long, but when they introduce friction, they become frustrating to use; no matter how pretty…

Punjabi farmer on his 100th day of the protest.

Towards the end of last year, from the wake of the pandemic that shook the global communities, farmers across various states in India unified in the millions to lead a roaring protest against the Bills passed by the Indian Government to “disrupt” the agricultural sector.

From the perspective of (millions of) farmers, India’s new law will result in the financial devastation of local farmers while fuelling corporations.

The Farmer’s Defeat is Our Defeat

Whether or not you come from a farming background, or have roots from the rebelling states… as engineers, creators and/or artists, the farmer’s defeat is our defeat because it insinuates a cultural shift…

Photoshopping in draw.io is harder than it sounds.

The Coding Career book serves one objective and that is securing software jobs and excelling at them. You have already seen a repeated number of blogs on career advice, negotiating or the typical “Top 5 x To Become Better At y”. This isn’t a career advice book. It is packed with sources, citations, quotes and consistently introduces you to things that would otherwise take years to learn.

“This book will help you work smart. How hard you’re able to work is ultimately up to you. As Shawn is quick to point out, this is a marathon, not a sprint. …

Chez Vince — Disney’s Recess

Before you were probably born, Fortan dominated the charts in popularity for nearly 3 decades. You can imagine how much different the dynamics of Software has changed since then, but functions still prevail.

Today we are going to dive into cooking up nice, clean functions!

Small — The 1st Rule

You may have been given advice to keep your functions no bigger than a screen scroll.

Even Smaller — The 2nd Rule

While I cannot give you an exact number, 20 lines is more than enough. Enough — that it should hardly ever be 20 lines.

Blocks & Indentation

Blocks within indents should generally be ONE line. If you ever find yourself writing huge…

Lenny = White, Carl = Black

If your shitty code still has good variable and function names, then it’s not entirely shit. — Unknown

You already know the importance of crafting meaningful names. The type of name that you see and does exactly what you expect. It puts a smile on your face because it behaves precisely as it should; there is nothing you can do… to make this any more definitive.

While I am not going to talk about why you should write good names, below is some detailed discourse on strategically crafting names with examples where necessary. Note, these concepts are speaking in the…

There will be code.

It is crazy to assume that code will one day become obsolete. Code represents the details of the requirements… details which must be specified explicitly via a machine that can execute them. A skill also known as programming. What people really mean when they say “it should just code automatically it for me” — is that they want an outcome to do what they want; not what they say.

Bad Code:

Wading (v): Being significantly impeded by bad code.

If you are like me, you may have been impeded by bad code at some point in your software career. …

I am beginning to dive into the infamous Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship, written by Robert C. Martin — or as the internet knows as — "Uncle Bob.”

An old pal of mine at Lighthouse Labs, Toronto, ON.

Why am I reading this book? Why can’t I just read some blog or use some linter that can do it for me?

Because it cannot be done for you. There is no tool in the world that can make you write clean code; I believe clean code is a craftsmanship.

Learning to write clean code is hard work. It requires more than just the knowledge of principles and…


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